iSpringFish - Scam?

This is what I ordered from "ISpringFish" ...

iSpringFish Gimbal

So, I may have been scammed and you may have been too!  I fell for an ad on Facebook offering “The best smartphone gimbal in 2019-Super portable, wireless charging, 310g payload, mic jack, one-key switch, zoom and focus control” for around $35.  Clearly originating from China, I clicked the button and waited … and waited.  

What arrived was a surprise. Nothing more than the $5 phone holder tripod thing shown below.


My first call was to send an email – I had a couple of different email addresses but the one I received a response from was purposted to be sent by a “Clarke Kennedy”.  They blamed it on their supplier (I guess it’s a drop-ship operation?) and offered a meagre 10% refund.  I rejected that stating a full 100% refund was required.  They continued to respond with increasingly larger refunds.  We got to 60% before they stopped playing!

Next was to raise a case with PayPal.  I’ll tell you now, they were absolutely useless.  I provided all the details along with images of what was ordered and what was received.  Here’s what they said.  Basically, the didn’t regard the item supplied as “materially different” from that which was ordered!  Are they insane?  Anyway, they rejected the claim.  Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever raised a case with PayPal but it turns out, their word is final.  No appeal, no nothing so, if this is a scam, PayPal are profiting from it.  Shame on them!

If you’ve been caught by this “scam” or indeed you represent “ISpringFish” and you’d like to tell me about your experience, please email

I’d love to hear from you as I’m investigating the person(s) purporting to be “ISpringFish” and building a legal case against them.  They think that being in China they are virtually bulletproof but I have sufficient interest from Action Fraud here in the UK to believe we can pursue a case of fraud.  I know it only $39 but I hate being scammed!

Here’s someone else who has been scammed

Further evidence

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