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Occasional Tables for Elementor

No! Not those sort of tables! We’re talking about the good old fashioned columns and rows which, back in the day, was pretty much the only option for displaying data in any sort of meaningful way.  Unfortunately tables have gone a bit out of fashion but, even today in the 21st Century, there are times when only a table will suffice!  Let’s face it, tables are pretty flexible and supported by a wealth of CSS options to make them look nice.  Sadly though, Elementor doesn’t have a tables widget at the time of writing although some add-on plugins do but, having tried a couple, they are clunky and difficult to use.

Here’s a super-lightweight solution for the occasional table (pun intended).  Make one online and embed it into your Elementor page.

Here’s how

 Go to

Make your table in this “Excel-like” interface.  You have a choice of downloading just the HTML or HTML with inline CSS.  I would suggest the latter. Then, when you’re ready, sinly paste the HTML into an HTML widget.  The results are shown below.


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