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This is free-to-use service.  We provide help and assistance for Elementor and Elementor Pro on a best endeavours basis. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for losses, consequential or otherwise, arising from the assistance, guidance and instruction we may provide.

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All requests for help in English please.  We understand that may not be your first language but please do try as the better we can understand your issue, the more likely we will be able to help.

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Help us to help you

Before you report a problem please ensure you have updated WordPress, Elementor, all other plugins and your theme to their current versions.  It is best practice to test updates on a staging (clone) copy of your website before performing updates on a live website.

Please make sure you have reliable backups if something goes wrong.

Deactivate all plugins other than Elementor and Elementor Pro – does the problem still exist?  If not, re-activate plugins one at a time until the problem shows – the last plugin you activated is the likely cause and you should contact the plugin support directly.