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Breaking WordPress & Elementor?  Really? Yes, Ancient Geekery is a hotch-potch cookbook of all things WordPress but especially Elementor Page Builder.  It’s not your regular kind of highly polished website, in fact, it’s not polished at all and some parts are just plain broken.  However, we love it and it’s our home for exploring the capabilities of Elementor and trying out some pretty weird and wonderful concepts prior to unleashing them on our clients – yes, we have clients!  

We are Grass Media Web Design from Herne Bay in the United Kingdom.  We make websites, we do SEO both on basic and in-depth levels.  We do (some) Social Media Marketing and we support our clients in all things web-related.  

Some of the things we do on this website.

  • Try to break things – especially Elementor add-on plugins.
  • We try new stuff like different ways of presenting menus and navigation.
  • We do stuff that should really upset the search engines just to see if it does.
  • We do stuff that search engines love, just to see if they really do.
  • We do demos and try fixes for fellow Elementor users of the Elementor Official Facebook Group
  • We offer opinions of Elementor and WordPress related issues, features, trends and bugs.
  • We sometimes do reviews
  • We sometimes have special offers on WordPress related products and services.
  • Most of all, we have a bit of fun with unusual design.
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